Monday, September 30, 2013

Refactoring almost done

I am almost done with moving about 370 lines of code from the viewcontroller into the model. There were a lot of bugs along the way. This took me a couple of weeks to do.

Along the way I found a good article about bitwise operators in Objective C. I asked What is the convenience method to compare two NSNumbers with float values using limited precision? but still haven't gotten a response. I asked this because I learned some very annoying things about floating point imprecision. Many people have had this problem before. Answerers always reference this really long-ass thing about floats. Blah.

I still haven't got my double-tap recognizer on the segmented control in the main view controller, but I did get a couple answers on how to do it potentially.

Anyway that's where we're at, gotta go get some real life shit done...

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